What is Measure JJ?

Measure JJ is a ballot measure proposed and supported by La Palma residents! Faced with endless budget cuts, reductions of essential services, and the possible loss of our police department, residents and community leaders have come together to propose a way to fund our much needed services. Instead of mandatory, high-cost taxes and fees, Measure JJ will raise $1.5 million for the city with only a 1 cent sales tax.  That money could mean preventing cuts to police services, reinstating La Palma Days, providing recreation activities for kids, bringing back more summer concerts, and more!  All for just a penny more.  

La Palma Palm Tree

Why Vote For Measure JJ?

  • It's low cost- A $20 dinner at La Capilla means you pay less than a quarter more.
  • It's shared- Non La Palma residents will help raise funds when they shop in the city.
  • It's competitive- If you cross the bridge to visit Target, you're already paying an extra cent in LA County.  Stanton adopted this measure and other cities are looking to as well.  
  • It's for safety- Cutting our police services or contracting out will HURT our city.  Longer response times, far away stations, high turn-over rates, loss of local control, and no control of costs are just some of the reasons why contracting out is unacceptable!
  • It's for our community- So many services have been cut.  Our La Palma Days, Concerts in the Park, and recreation are all things that make our city great, but they're getting axed.  We have fewer employees now than in the 80s, and fewer employees and more demands for services will lead to large losses in the quality of city services.
  • It's community supported- The people supporting this campaign are your neighbors.  Volunteers.  Neighborhood Watch captains.  Committee members. People who are passionate about their community and want to create solutions to make it better.

If you want to protect La Palma, restore lost services, and prevent further cuts, then vote YES on Measure JJ by visiting the polls or mailing your ballot by NOVEMBER 8TH!


Whats Been Cut:

  • 20 % reduction in full time staff- our smallest workforce since 1985!
  • Reductions to upper management, and consolidation of departments.  Public Works and Community Services is now only one department.
  • La Palma Days, our largest community event
  • 5% reduction in pay for all employees
  • 2 Concerts in the Park, going from 6 to 4.
  • Much needed repairs and maintenance for city facilities.